New Technologies:
Lexus Safety System+ A

And now for several amazing developments in Lexus safety…

Posted: Jan 10, 2018

It’s a fast-moving, sometimes surprising driving world out there.

This is one reason why Lexus Safety System+* is now standard on all models. As many Lexus drivers already know, this package bundles four technologies designed to help make the Lexus driving experience safer.

There’s the Pre-Collision System (PCS)* with Pedestrian Detection*, which is designed to help avoid collisions with a vehicle or pedestrian. There’s also, of course, All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control*, which is designed to help you maintain a preset following distance from the vehicle ahead, as well as intelligent high-beam headlamps* that switch the high beams on and off for you. Plus there’s Lane Keep Assist* and Lane Departure Alert* with Steering Assist, which are designed to help prevent inadvertent lane departures.

And now the 2018 Lexus LS flagship has taken these safety strides even further by introducing the optional Lexus Safety System+ A package. This next-generation bundle introduces an array of new Lexus safety capabilities:

It can help detect pedestrians and cyclists in lower light: The LS’s optional package provides enhanced recognition of pedestrians and cyclists in lower light conditions, as well as daytime, and it includes an Intuitive Pedestrian Alert System* that shows—on the windshield display—a pedestrian’s position relative to the vehicle.

It’s designed to steer the vehicle away from people and guardrails under limited conditions: Lexus engineers also added a feature called the Front Lateral Side Pre-Collision System* with Automatic Braking*, Active Steering Assist, and Heads-Up Display Integration. These systems help anticipate the possibility of a collision with a pedestrian or continuous structure along the road, such as a guardrail. It’s designed to determine whether automatic braking or automatic steering will help avoid the collision, and it may engage the brakes or automatic steering to help avoid—or help reduce damage from—an impact.

It helps avoid intersection collisions: Another system, Front Cross-Traffic Alert*, employs radar to detect vehicles approaching on the left or right side of an intersection. If the driver accidentally proceeds toward a crossing vehicle, the system is designed to sound a buzzer and show a visual warning on the LS display screen.

It reads certain road signs: As part of the package’s expanded scope of hazard detection, Lexus Safety System+ A has a new Road Sign Assist (RCA)* feature that employs the navigation system* and a camera to highlight select road-safety signs on the LS’s windshield display and/or multi-display screen.

It introduces Lexus CoDrive*: This new system helps keep you in your lane by combining Dynamic Radar Cruise Control with another feature called Lane Trace Assist (LTA)*. If the system detects a potential lane departure while you’re using Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, LTA alerts the driver with a visual warning and either an audible alert or steering wheel vibration (it may also apply a small steering correction).

Additionally, when Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is activated, LTA is designed to help maintain the vehicle’s lane positioning when lane markings are hard to detect—such as faded lines, unmarked shoulders, or markings blocked by traffic congestion. In these situations, it is designed to trace the path of the car in front of you.

By Brian Gill