Lexus LFA Code X

07/18/2014—Okay Lexus fans, it’s time to catch up on some racing action. A pack of high-performance Lexus racecars has been competing at extreme speeds on tracks across the globe this summer—here’s what happening.

It’s only the beginning of the 2014 racing season, but Lexus has already had some early success in both Europe and Japan. Just last month, two LFA driving teams—both part of the GAZOO Racing team—took part in Germany’s grueling 24 Hours of Nürburgring endurance race.

The #48 LFA team actually included President Akio Toyoda as one of the drivers (yes, the man can drive fast). The second team raced the #53 LFA Code X, shown above, a mysterious “sports car research vehicle.” It’s a highly modified version of the Lexus supercar equipped with a larger 5.3-liter V10 and full carbon frame body.

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When the checkered flag came down, the #53 LFA Code X had finished first in the SP-PRO class. This was one of the best finishes for a Lexus racing team since the LFA started participating eight years ago.

Close behind was the #48 LFA team, who came in 13th overall and first in the SP8 class. Both results stand as a testament to the high-level performance and solid reliability of the Lexus supercar.

Over in Japan, the RC F has taken over the Lexus presence in the GT500 class of the Super GT racing series, shown below:

Lexus RC F Super GT

Lexus has six teams participating in this prestigious, once-a-month racing event that travels around Japan. The 2014 Super GT series is ongoing, but the RC F teams are performing well—just a few races into the season, the KeePer TOM’S RC F team is second overall and the ENEOS SUSTINA RC F team is third.

Bonus: There’s plenty more Lexus racing on the horizon with this year’s announcement of the RC F GT3 concept:

Lexus RC F GT 3

Developed over two years, the RC F GT3 is powered by a modified version of the RC F’s V8 engine—this modified version is expected to exceed 540 horsepower.

Lexus plans to supply these GT3-compliant vehicles to racing teams starting in 2015, and the RC F GT3 will be able to enter legendary races around the world, including the 24 Hours of Nürburgring, the Super Taikyu Endurance in Japan, and the Super GT series.


Legal Disclaimer

Models shown are special modified race projects for racing purposes by professional drivers only. Vehicles may be modified with non-Genuine Lexus parts and accessories. Modification with these non-Genuine Lexus parts or accessories will void the Lexus warranty, may negatively impact vehicle performance and safety, and may not be street legal.