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7/11/2014—Of course, nobody can know exactly what inspired director Adam Berg when he created this latest Lexus Amazing in Motion film, Strobe, but it’s fun to speculate.

There’s definitely some Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in there, the way the main character run-skims over the treetops. Obviously, Tron comes to mind with those light-filled suits (multiple performers were used to create the “impossible motion” effect). There could also be a nod to Star Wars, as those hoods and acrobatics are rather Jedi-like.

What we do know is this: the Lexus Amazing in Motion films are becoming a pop-culture force—and the how-do-you-top-that factor is increasing with each release.

To state the obvious, the making of this latest video, shot in Kuala Lumpur, took some seriously creative wardrobe work.

Lexus  Strobe

The suit design literally takes its cues from the RC F performance coupe, which our hero finds in the end. Inside the suit are three tiers, which include an experimental “LED Base Layer,” a tight-fitting suit covered with hundreds of lights (purposefully akin to the RC F’s LED headlamps).

Over that, suit designers added a “Diffusion Layer,” which creates areas of light and dark for definition. During filming, those lights and patterns were controlled by a computer system, which allowed the crew to dim and brighten the suit at precisely the right time for different visual effects. If you look closely, you’ll see some recognizable patterns, such as a Lexus RC F spindle grille design.

Lastly, designers added a translucent covering, which adds some Lexus-like refinement to our character. (Did we point out that this is an RC F-inspired suit?)


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