12/20/2013—It’s tough to argue against informed, unbiased research.

In this case, the researcher is AMCI Testing, one of the go-to names in automotive evaluations, and what the organization is saying is this: They’ve confirmed that the Lexus 2014 GS F SPORT outperforms the 2014 BMW 535i M Sport in 12 key areas that affect safety and performance.

Each year, AMCI conducts rigorous independent studies at their own Proving Ground Road Course in California, and this year, testing included a comparison between these two vehicles. So where did the Lexus GS F SPORT outperform its BMW competition? In every area below:

• Better Overall Handling Performance
• Better Overall Handling Performance on Dry Pavement
• Better Overall Handling Performance on Wet Pavement
• Better Maximum-Performance Handling (ESC Off)
• Better Overall Active-Safety Handling Performance
• Better Overall Evasive-Action Handling Performance
• Better Overall Cornering Performance
• Better Cornering Performance on Dry Pavement
• Better Cornering Performance on Wet Pavement
• Better Overall Slalom Performance
• Better Slalom Performance on Dry Pavement
• Better Slalom Performance on Wet Pavement

Not a bad result. Of course, you’re the true judge: schedule your own GS test drive with your closest dealer.