PREVIEW: 2014 CT 200h

2014 CT 200h

11/13/2013—There’s a Chinese proverb that goes something like this: “To know the road ahead, ask those returning.”

In other words, to understand what a blast it is to zip around in a CT 200h, just ask a current owner.

Better yet, ignore this Chinese proverb and follow another: “Reading ten thousand books [or blogs] is not as useful as traveling ten thousand miles.” (Loose interpretation: get to know the 2014 CT 200h yourself by scheduling a winter test drive—cruising 10,000 miles may alarm your dealer, though.)

We’re quoting Chinese proverbs for a reason, of course: The world premiere of the 2014 Lexus CT 200h will take place in China, at the 2013 Guangzhou Motor Show, on November 21. Vehicle updates include a spindle grille, newly designed alloy wheels, and a revised rear design.

Lexus will reveal the rest of the enhancements on November 21; until then, enjoy the early photos.

2014 CT 200h