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09/13/2013—It’s always intriguing to see what’s percolating inside the heads of Lexus designers.

As it turns out, much of their creative energy of late has been focused on the new LF-NX hybrid concept—an “urban-centric” compact premium crossover SUV unveiled this month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

In profile, muscular wheel arches are trimmed with a black protective finish that typifies an urban crossover. Above the pronounced diamond shape of the belt line, a classic Lexus side glazing profile and steeply raked tailgate create the sweeping silhouette of an athletic coupe.

Additionally, the concept is equipped with a full hybrid powertrain tuned for SUV performance, and at lower speeds, the LF-NX can operate under electric motor power alone.

And according to Mark Templin, executive vice president of Lexus International, this vehicle gives Lexus fans “insight into the future evolution” of Lexus’s evolving design language: