02/05/2013—One of the best parts a Lexus model reveal? Finally getting the world’s opinions, especially those that come in from Lexus fans. Generally, reactions to new models come in three stages, so let’s break them down for the IS 2014, which debuted last month.

Stage 1: Fans tune in to the live reveal. Because you drive these first impressions, Lexus fans, they’re hugely important to Lexus (especially to the chief engineer and his team). Here’s a cross section from the 2014 IS debut as Lexus fans reacted on Facebook. (Thanks for the comments, by the way.):

“Gorgeous! Beautifully designed, like always!” —Tram Do
“Not swapping my RX 400h though!” —Sarah McCurrie
“Spectacular lines and angles.” —Tony Williams
“You HAVE to bring the IS hybrid to the states. Absolute game changer in the luxury port segment.” —Justin Thompson

Stage 2: The auto bloggers weigh in. After the reveal, opinions from the world’s auto journalists start to make appearances. So far, the IS reviews seem to be positive:

“Lexus is evidently dead serious about removing some of the starch from its collar, as evidenced by the boldly styled new IS sedan.” —Autoblog

“From a comfort standpoint, the biggest improvement to the cabin is the much roomier backseat, which gives taller passengers good legroom.” —

“With a sports car-inspired interior feel, additional passenger space and more aggressive design, the all-new IS offers a solid entry point into the Lexus brand.” —Huffington Post

Stage 3: Lexus owners drive them home. And finally, we have the final reaction/opinion stage—Lexus owners assessing the drive experience from behind the wheel (technically, this begins with the dealership test-drives).

Of course, we’re not quite to Stage 3 with the 2014 Lexus IS, as the model arrives in dealerships this June. But until then, sign up for updates, schedule a test drive with your Lexus dealer, and, by all means, please keep telling Lexus what you think.