01/04/2013—With all the new models and concepts released last year, 2012 was a big year for Lexus videos. Here’s what you enjoyed most, Lexus fans, judged by your total views on the Lexus YouTube channel—as usual, the ads tended to dominate:

Lexus RX F SPORT “Held Back”
YouTube views: 122,345
The RX F SPORT gets lifted in the air, starts accelerating, and then gets dropped to the ground where it takes off. What’s not to like?

Video length: 00:32

Lexus LS “Journey”
YouTube views: 136,678
The Lexus LS story is a good one, and this video told it well:

Video length: 01:53

Lexus GS “Beast”
YouTube views: 488,943
This one took in almost half a million YouTube hits, thanks in part, no doubt, to its debut as Lexus’ first Super Bowl ad:

Video length: 00:33

Lexus ES “Split World”
YouTube views: 125,681
An intriguing way to underscore the 2013 ES gas and hybrid versions. We dare you to look away:

Video length: 00:31

“Unleash the LFA”
YouTube views: 90,265
The best part of this video? The LFA engine audio—and that fact that it alerted us to the opportunity for one lucky Lexus fan to drive the car on a race track:

Video length: 00:58

Lexus CT “Miles”
YouTube views: 151,865
And finally, we’ve got the popular “Miles” ad and its beloved music track. As one fan put it, “the song sounds trippy.”

Video length: 01:32


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