Lexus LF-CC
Video length: 01:45

9/27/2012—Despite the flashing cameras from throngs of European auto journalists, Lexus’ unveiling of the new LF-CC concept vehicle at the Paris Motor Show today was a sublime experience.

Even though Lexus has been rolling out redesigned vehicle after redesigned vehicle—plus concept after concept—for the last 18 months or so, the models never fail to amaze. Each one is unique in its own right, yet each adds—dramatically—to the evolving, unified story of Lexus’ new era of car design.

In the Lexus LF-CC’s case, the concept clearly shares some design clues with the LF-LC concept released earlier this year, but in its own unique way. This is perhaps the boldest interpretation yet of the now signature Lexus spindle grille: Framed by the front edge of the hood, deep lower spoiler, and projecting front fender tips, the grille mesh takes on a pronounced form.

From the side view, the hood’s convex curve flows seamlessly through a steeply raked windshield into a roofline that peaks towards the rear of the cabin—almost as if to emphasize the fact that this hybrid sports a powerful rear-wheel drive configuration.

At the back of the vehicle, a full width bumper flows into the rear wheel arches, and designers gave the L-shaped combination lamps a seemingly three-dimensional design. There’s also a lower bumper section that incorporates a full-width spoiler.

Under the hood, the vehicle’s Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain consists of an “ultra-smooth running” four-cylinder gas engine mated to a compact, high-output, water-cooled permanent magnet electric motor.

It all just begs the question as we head further into auto show season: what’s next?