8/10/2012—Last June, the 2013 Lexus GS earned itself quite the prestigious award.

This particular recognition wasn’t for the vehicle’s overall technological prowess, although the GS 450h already picked up accolades in that category as a CNET Editor’s Choice.

It also wasn’t for safety, although this too has been recognized (the honors here: the Lexus GS earned a Top Safety Pick Award by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).

No, this time the GS drew top honors for its climate control system, which took home the Interior Innovation of the Year award at the Automotive Interiors Expo Awards in Europe—and rightly so.

Particularly impressive to the judges was a component not yet available in U.S. models—an air cleansing system that releases negatively charged ions that deodorize the vehicle seats and roof lining, as well as have a moisturizing effect on skin and hair.

But even though this aspect of the system isn’t in U.S. models, the 2013 GS climate control system is still a technical wonder, and given the levels of extreme heat descending on much of North America lately, we deemed it an appropriate time to list some reasons why the 2013 GS Climate Control system may, quite possibly, be one of the world’s greatest:

1. The system “sees” who’s in the car: For energy efficiency, the climate control system—via its S-Flow feature—uses occupant detection technology to focus airflow only to the areas where passengers are actually seated. For example, if you’re driving alone, only your temperature settings will be engaged.

2. Climate control is part of the vehicle’s ECO mode efficiencies: The 2013 GS comes with Lexus’ ECO drive setting, which, when engaged by the driver, essentially regulates several systems to be as energy efficient as possible (to help improve fuel economy)—and climate control is one of the key systems controlled by ECO mode.

4. The system can be controlled remotely: The GS climate control system is, of course, also part of the vehicle’s Remote Touch system, which allows drivers to control temperature settings (along with other vehicle systems) via a computer-mouse-like joystick and multi-display screen.

5. And speaking of screens: The Lexus GS climate control settings on the vehicle’s multi-display screen get the benefit of an enormous 12.3-inch screen with enhanced graphics.


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