Lexus Ideas Engine

7/2/2012—If you tuned into the Lexus Enthusiast weblog these past weeks (which we encourage all Lexus drivers to do), you likely encountered Lexus’ call for vehicle suggestions through the aptly named Lexus Ideas Engine.

Naturally, this sleek online suggestion box was a hit (so much so that Lexus extended it through last week), and now that the Lexus Ideas Engine has closed, it’s been fun combing through the hundreds of ideas now being reviewed by Lexus.

The range of ideas are intriguing, from calls for horsepower bumps in the F SPORT vehicles to subtle driver-comfort improvements, like redesigning the armrests. One very polite Lexus driver even suggested an external speaker for thanking other drivers on the road.

There are far too many interesting suggestions to list them all, so here’s a random roundup of Lexus magazine favorites, in no particular order:

“There should be a mechanism to automatically fasten the seat-belt. The seat-belt should be left untouched but there should be a robotic arm or an innovative way to help fasten the seat-belt.” —Somsak Saetae

“I think there should be a way for Lexus cars and owners to ‘talk’ to each other on the road. For instance, when traveling down the highway and there is heavy traffic, a notice can be sent out to other Lexus on that route to expect traffic/delays.” —agill311

“Introduce some mechanism for the washer jet to clean itself and position itself according to the driver’s choice—to get rid of dirt and ensure consistent washer jet spray. Something like the self-cleaning shower-heads—but obviously electronic.” —Asdub

“Lexus could offer the possibility of users being able to customize their own dashboard displays.” —Asdub

“How about driver side doors opening ajar at close proximity to [the] driver, so [the] driver does not need to pull the handle? It can also close again if it senses the driver moving away.” —Nahed Miah

“Use [a] smart phone Lexus app to communicate with the car to unlock the door. By doing this, [a] Lexus owner does not need to carry a key.” —Somsak Saetae

“Offer, as an option, a sport steering wheel styled after the LFA steering wheel.” —rsxterminator

“The ES, LS, GS, RX, GX, and LX should now all offer panorama glass roof option in all markets. It’s a nice luxury touch.” —Izzam Ahamed

“Great to have an option such as heated & cooled cup holders.” —jacoubovsky

Creative, huh? Of course, there are hundreds more, many related to performance.

And just because the Lexus Ideas Engine is closed, it doesn’t mean the ideas shouldn’t keep coming—your next valuable vehicle-improvement suggestion is just a Facebook post away.