3/30/2012—Next Wednesday, Lexus will reveal the next ES at the New York International Auto Show, which will include a new spindle-grille front end.

This will be the sixth-generation ES model (sneak peek shown at left)—the vehicle has been refined for six generations because its history goes back to the very beginnings of Lexus when it was introduced alongside the first LS in 1989.

This means that next week’s all-new ES will be the pinnacle of more than 20 years of engineering evolution. This got us thinking about the previous five generations on the road today and what ES drivers have known all these years that non-Lexus-owners haven’t (yet):

People love to own and drive the Lexus ES: For much of its history, the Lexus ES has been Lexus’ best-selling sedan—you just can’t argue with luxury-minded popularity.

You can count on the ES: Over the years and model generations, the ES has earned too many dependability awards to list here—and that should tell you something about the ES’ history of quality.

The ES is Lexus-premium all the way: Just take a glance at the features in the 2012 model, currently on the road—wood and leather trim, the Lexus memory system, optional HDD Navigation System[1], optional voice command technology...and we can’t wait for next week to tell you what the 2013 model will offer.


Legal Disclaimer

[1] Availability and accuracy of the information provided by the Navigation System or any SiriusXM services mentioned (if installed) are dependent upon many factors. Use common sense when relying on information provided. Services not available in every city or roadway. Periodic Navigation updates available at additional cost. Please see your Navigation System Owner’s Manual or contact SiriusXM for details.