Lexus Gets a Grip
Video length: 01:45

2/29/2012—Recently, we introduced you to a man named Shuichi Ozaki, one of the “Meisters” behind Lexus vehicle design.

If you caught the post, then you might remember that Ozaki’s job is to inject the human element into Lexus design, which basically entails spending countless days thinking, moving, and driving like a Lexus owner, and then designing Lexus models accordingly.

It sounds pretty out there until you get to see how he, and Lexus, does it. It takes all five senses, to say, design the ideal steering wheel. But as the above video shows, there’s also innovative technology behind the research.

Take those Tron-like pressure-sensitive gloves that Mr. Ozaki uses to measure how drivers alter their grip in different driving situations—varying speeds, turns, straights, etc.—and then make subtle tweaks to the steering wheel shape for the best comfort possible.

Now that’s attention to detail—more importantly, however, this is how much Lexus engineers care about your driving experience from the get-go.


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