Turkey From A Master

Editor’s note: If you’re a U.S.-based Lexus owner, you no doubt have a recipe planned for the Thanksgiving turkey awaiting its date with destiny. But just in case your culinary plans are still open, here’s an interesting approach from Lexus Culinary Master Michael Chiarello, owner of Bottega Ristorante and host of Food Network’s Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello. It involves a simple cocorico vertical roaster (see photo below), which also makes a superb holiday gift (and note that Lexus owners enjoy 10 percent off cookware and home décor at Chiarello’s

11/22/2011—I don’t understand the obsession of roasting a 22-pound turkey and arguing over who gets the drumstick. I say double the odds, double the pieces—and roast two smaller ones instead! For a dramatic presentation, I deliver mine to the table still on the cocorico roasters and carve them there. Here’s how to roast one of those turkeys to perfection:


Serves: 4
One 8–10 pound whole turkey
8 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup seasoning salt (such as NapaStyle Citrus/Rosemary Salt)
6 sprigs fresh rosemary
2 lemons quartered


1. Soak a cocorico roaster in cold water for 30 minutes.

2. Remove neck and giblets and reserve for your favorite gravy recipe.

3. Wash the turkey inside and out and dry well. Coat inside and out with half of the olive oil. Season the turkey on the outside with two tablespoons of the seasoning salt. Place the rosemary sprigs and lemon inside the cavity of the turkey.

4. Carefully place the turkey onto the cocorico roaster with the legs facing up. Press bird firmly onto cone through the neck cavity.

5. Remove all of the oven racks except for one, and make sure it is placed on the lowest level. Cover rack with foil, and place the cocorico-with-turkey in the oven in the center of the foil. Turn heat to 375 degrees Fahrenheit without convection or to 350 degrees if you have a convection fan.

6. An hour and a half into roasting, lightly cover the top of the browning turkey with foil, and continue roasting until the internal temperature is 165 degrees F (test temperature of turkey next to the bone in the thigh). Juices should run clear when done. Remove from the oven and let rest for fifteen minutes before carving.

7. Carefully remove the turkey from the cocorico and carve into serving portions. This will ensure that the juices stay in the bird. Also, be sure to separate juices from the fat that remains in the cocorico—use these juices in your favorite gravy recipe!