11/08/2011—Three hours. That’s how long pro drivers Scott Pruett and Joe Bacal spent burning up some GS F SPORT tires at the SEMA auto show proving grounds last week—to the delight of eager thrill seekers who lined up for rides. Check out the clips in our SEMA recap video:

Video length: 00:41

The 2013 GS F SPORT, as you probably know by now, made a splashy debut at SEMA—and just like the reveals of the 2013 GS 350 at Pebble Beach and the GS Hybrid at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the car’s unveiling drew a huge crowd:

Video length: 05:04

And now that Lexus has revealed all three 2013 GS models, a question remains: what’s in store for the winter auto shows? We can’t reveal the specifics yet, but let’s just say that the scheduled Lexus unveiling at the Detroit auto show will be huge!


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