10/07/2011—Consider this an overdue notice.

Nope, you haven’t missed your Lexus vehicle’s scheduled maintenance. You’re just overdue for a real vacation of the temporarily-forget-where-you-work variety.

How to rectify the situation: contact the Andrew Harper travel office, as in right now.

You see, just in case you haven’t checked your Lexus-drivers-only benefits for a while, Lexus owners are now Premier Online members of the elite Andrew Harper travel service.

This members-only service is popular among premium-minded travelers because Mr. Harper evaluates the world’s top hotels, first-hand, without revealing his identity.

In fact, not many people know what he looks like, even within his own organization. This way, members know they’re getting honest, accurate reviews because the hotels can’t roll out any special, non-typical treatment when Mr. Harper shows up (so he’s treated exactly as you would be, which isn’t always the case with other hotel critics).

As a Lexus driver and Premier Online member, you’ve got access to his hundreds of unbiased hotel recommendations; special benefits, such as room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, and spa certificates, at more than 550 properties worldwide; and use of the Andrew Harper travel-planning and booking office, among other perks.

Side note: just posted its annual Readers’ Choice list of favorite hotels. Heading the “Top 20 United States Hideaways” list are two Lexus partner resorts: Big Sur’s Post Ranch Inn, where Lexus owners enjoy a complimentary dinner for two[1], and Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm, where Lexus owners receive a $100 amenity credit.


Legal Disclaimers

[1] Two-night minimum stay required.