Back on Track

09/22/2011—Late summer has been a busy, and triumphant, time for the Lexus-equipped crew at JTGrey Racing, led by off-road-racing champ Joe Bacal.

After a major tumble down a steep hillside at the Baja 500 last June, Bacal’s team got to work repairing the body panels on its championship vehicle, a heavily modified Lexus LX[1]—and then secured a second-place podium placement at the SCORE Challenge of Champions 250 in San Felipe, Mexico.

A few shots of the bodywork:

Undergoing Repairs

Joe Bacal

Completed Vehicle

Bacal’s Lexus LX has traveled a long, hard (not to mention victorious) road these past few years, which is why the team has also been busy building its next racing LX, which is expected to debut at the SEMA auto show in early November.

Before then, however, we’ll show you some photos of this second off-road LX’s transformation from production model to wicked racing beast.

Trust us, it’s looking gorgeous. Rugged and dominating—but gorgeous.


Legal Disclaimers

[1] LX model shown is a special modified Baja race project for racing purposes only.