Ready to Serve

09/08/2011—And now for a tale of superb customer service, Lexus style.

Early one day back in July, Jon Heffernan, a service consultant at Lexus of Tacoma, received a call from Lexus owner Dr. Joel Mitchell, who was scheduled for a maintenance appointment later in the morning.

The reason for the call: Dr. Mitchell wished to alert Lexus of Tacoma that he was running late due to a flat tire on the freeway (no fun, been there).

No doubt Dr. Mitchell’s next move would have been to contact Lexus Roadside Assistance or start changing that tire, but we’ll never find out because of what Heffernan did next.

You see, after hearing of Dr. Mitchell’s predicament, Heffernan instantly took it upon himself to personally coordinate Dr. Mitchell’s roadside help. He also sent a Lexus diagnostic specialist, Bob Drake, to drop off a service loaner and stay with Dr. Mitchell’s vehicle until assistance arrived.

This allowed Dr. Mitchell to get to his job at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Puget Sound Health Care System at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.

And as it turns out, Heffernan’s actions helped out more than a Lexus owner that day: Because Dr. Mitchell was able to get to the office, he didn’t miss a single patient appointment, which meant 18 combat veterans (recently back from Iraq and Afghanistan) got their post-combat exams, family-care support, and mental health care without any disruption or rescheduling.

A grateful Dr. Mitchell put it this way to Lexus: “In essence, your team enabled me to do my job in serving our nation’s veterans.”

Of course, to Heffernan, Drake, and the rest of Lexus’ customer-care personnel around North America, this is all just Lexus’ standard approach to taking care of Lexus drivers.

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