07/22/2011—I admit it. It’s kind of fun to have secret knowledge—even though I’m bursting to tell it to Lexus fans.

I’m referring, of course, to what I now know about how the next Lexus GS actually drives. (Lexus will unveil the vehicle at Pebble Beach Resort on August 18.)

I owe this secret info to Lexus magazine’s global auto editor, Doug Knox (left), who recently returned from Japan after a long visit with both the vehicle and its design team, including Lexus GS Chief Engineer Yoshihiko Kanamori.

That makes Doug one of the first auto journalists to examine the vehicle first-hand, as well as one of the first auto writers to cruise around in the new GS, thanks to some track time with Lexus “Drive Meister” Yoshiaki Ito.

It also makes him a great source, and after hearing everything he had to say about the car, I can tell you this:

1. Doug, a veteran auto journalist who thoroughly knows his way around the world’s luxury cars, is definitely impressed.

2. This next Lexus is going to be a departure—a new design direction of huge importance for Lexus.

“The GS team uses words like ‘epoch making,’” Doug reports. “One even calls it ‘the dawn of a new era for Lexus.’”

And? And? What was it like to drive?

“It’s a driving machine,” he says, referring to his GS track-time with Mr. Ito. “It’s got a wonderful G-force-like feeling that puts you in the back of your seat.”

Of course, Doug also clued us in to a ton of GS-driving-experience details that will soon come to light—again, it’s all stuff we’re bursting to tell Lexus fans but can’t quite yet.

But watch Lexus magazine, the Lexus Facebook page, and the Lexus website in the weeks to come. After listening to Doug, I can guarantee August 18 will be an intriguing day for the world’s Lexus fans.