The World's Best Fireworks Blog

06/30/2011—With the Fourth of July fast approaching, it’s natural to have fireworks on the brain, which is exactly why the Lexus editorial team turned its attention yesterday to an entertaining site called...THE EPIC FIREWORKS BLOG.

Even better than the site’s name is its not-so-humble tagline: “The Best Fireworks Blog in the World.” You can pretty much guess what we found there—oodles and oodles of all things fireworks, including some festively explosive video footage.

Still, “best in the world” is a pretty big claim, and we remained skeptical until we came across this worthy post: a fireworks-themed European Lexus commercial for Lexus Hybrid Drive:

Video length: 00:21

We’re not sure what we liked better, the respectful hat tip from the world’s best fireworks blog or the ad’s data. (Direct quote: “Lexus drivers around the world have clocked up over eleven billion fuel-efficient hybrid kilometers.”[1])

But one thing’s for certain: colorful fireworks and sleek Lexus vehicles sure complement each other nicely.

Have a great Fourth of July.


Legal Disclaimers

[1] Estimate based on total global sales, using an average of 15,000 km per year.