05/25/2011—We’re going to say it: Lexus owners have great tastes. Great taste? Great tastes. In other words, they have a thorough appreciation for good food.

This is precisely why Lexus has spent so much effort connecting you to epicurean pleasures, from the enormously popular Pebble Beach Food & Wine events to the Bravo network’s Top Chef Masters (Lexus is a sponsor) to Lexus owner-only perks at leading Napa Valley wineries.

Not only that, it’s a reflection of your appreciation of the culinary arts, dear Lexus driver, that Lexus recently elevated its respectable foodie-support reputation to stratospheric levels. How? By recently recruiting an elite “Lexus Culinary Masters” team of renowned celebrity chefs. Have a meet and greet:

Video length: 02:17

As you can see, especially if you’re a food-personality fan, these guys aren’t your run-of-the-mill premier chefs. Oh no. We’re talking the big leagues: Iron Chef America’s Masaharu Morimoto. The Daniel Boulud of the famed Michelin three-star Daniel in New York City (and winner of just about every major culinary award out there). And the list goes on.

Look for the team, and their creations, to appear at an array of events around the country this year. We’ll, of course, let you know the locales, and then we’ll see you there—and please, bring your great tastes with you.