04/29/2011—Here at Lexus magazine, it’s been a privilege getting to know the top-tier talents from the Lexus-tuning world, from David Huang and his 1,000-horsepower IS 300 to Clark Ishihara of VIP Auto Salon to Troy Sumitomo of Five Axis.

One gentleman Lexus keeps crossing paths with is Brian Fox of Fox Marketing, largely because his shop just keeps churning out eye-catching custom Lexus vehicles that regularly share the Lexus center stage at major auto shows.

Case in point: the Fox-Marketing-supercharged-CT—which Fox estimates gets upwards of 300 horsepower—that’s been turning heads at the New York auto show.

Luckily for us, Mr. Fox didn’t mind some Lexus magazine camera attention, and was more than willing to talk through a few highlights. Have a listen:

Video length: 01:55

We’ve also got some good shots on the Lexus Facebook page, and comments like these say it all:

“ok this car is supa freakin hottttt!!!!”

“Hold up!!!.... let me wipe the drool from my bottom lip!!! :-)”


Lexus Supercharged CT

Our team on the floor also included The Lexus Enthusiast, who posted a ton of great Fox-supercharged-CT photos on his own site, so make sure to take a look.

And as for the fantastic Mr. Fox himself, rumor has it that he’s looking to get his hands on an LFA. With only about 500 being produced, all we have to say is a sincere good luck—we can only dream about the modifications any talented tuner would make to that beast.


Legal Disclaimer

Modified vehicle shown.