So Who's Buying The CT200h?

03/28/2011—A few weeks ago, Lexus magazine took a trip to the docks to watch the first CT 200h models roll onto North American shores. But that left us with a question: now that those cars are in dealerships, who are some of the CT’s earliest buyers?

So this week we made a call to Jason Vena, the general sales manager of Lexus of Bellevue in Washington state, and asked if he could put us in touch with a brand new CT 200h owner.

“No problem,” Jason said. “I’ve actually got an owner and his CT 200h right here.”

Turns out the new owner is a gentleman named Jeff Cromwell, a master technician at the dealership for the last eight years.

Technician? As in Lexus technical expert? As in, knows a few things about decently made automobiles?

Answers: Yes, yes, and yes.

As it turns out, though, prior to when the first CT 200h models were delivered to the dealership a few weeks ago, Jeff wasn’t even thinking about purchasing one.

He says his thinking changed when he stepped into a just-delivered CT 200h to perform an on-the-job duty. “I was doing a pre-delivery inspection on it, and that was the first time I drove it,” he explains

Jeff already knew he liked the look of the CT 200h, but getting into the vehicle made him realize something else: “I realized I could drive a luxury car.”


“And the next time I drove it was home.”

Jeff says that he’s been enjoying his CT 200h more and more every day. He’s especially happy with the fuel economy he’s gotten, “My commute is over 50 miles a day. In my old truck, I was filling up three or four times a month, almost once a week. I’ve had my CT 200h for two weeks and I still have a quarter tank to go.”

On a related note, it seems that Jeff isn’t the only Lexus master technician to consider a CT 200h purchase.

“Let’s just say there’s a lot of decision-making going on right now in our service bay, ” he says. “That’s the best way to put it.” —DAVE JOHNSTON, ASSOCIATE EDITOR