Watch Darkcasting!

12/02/2010—While the rest of us finalized our turkey menus last week, Lexus was busy wrapping the final episode of Darkcasting, the world’s first ever talk show to take place in a premium luxury compact automobile (the CT 200h, natch). If you haven’t seen them, watch the episodes; the fourth was just posted. Plus, host Whitney Cummings is pretty funny, and we’re not just saying that because she agreed to talk to us before filming Darkcasting Miami:

Lexus: Number one—what’s the toughest part about interviewing people in a compact car? While they’re driving. In busy traffic. At night.

Cummings: Probably that nobody ended up giving me a free car. Seriously, it’s all going well. The car and crew are amazing. The special extra lighting they put inside the car for filming made it a little hard to see, but that’s it.

Have there been any guests that, for their own personal safety, shouldn’t be driving and talking to an in-car talk show host at the same time?

Yes! One guest was crazy. He was so excited and distracted that he kept braking and then suddenly hitting the gas pedal up to 60 miles an hour, and then all of a sudden slamming the brakes again. It was like that the whole ride.

Anything happen during filming that you and all involved would just like to forget and never speak of again?

Um...there was the one drive where we accidentally took out some cones. I was thinking, oh my god, there’s only one or two of these vehicles right now, and we just took out a cone. No damages.

After all the riding in the passenger seat, did anybody ever let you drive the CT 200h?

You know, they let me drive the car once before shooting. I had to be told to keep both hands on the wheel because I wave my hands around a lot. After that, I think everybody just thought it would be better if I sat in the passenger seat.

In Darkcasting New York, we noticed that guest chef Carlo Mirarchi ran away, fast, from a chili pepper you offered him. We have to know: What was wrong with that pepper?

Simple: That was a REALLY hot and scary chili pepper.

Okay, here’s a final question that’s not loaded or anything: now that filming is over, how much do you just completely love and adore the CT 200h?

You know, this really is a nice car. Guests were actually oohing and ahhing over it each time they showed up. They were actually excited about the car.

Honest answers. We like that. Thanks for your time.

You’re the man.