May We Suggest An App?

11/23/2010—With Lexus releasing its new Enform Mobile app, it got us thinking about a few more apps appropriate to Lexus ownership. Here’s a quick roundup:

1. Lexus Enform Mobile: Okay, just in case you missed the last paragraph, our recent Lexus News item, and the Lexus Enthusiast’s coverage, the free Lexus Enform®[1][2] Mobile app allows you to—among other handy tasks—use your Lexus Enform subscription’s eDestination tool from your phone. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to download it.

2. Dynolicious: If you’re a speed and performance aficionado, chances are you know about this one. Dynolicious harnesses your smart phone’s accelerometer to record and display your personal 0–60 speeds, quarter-mile speeds, braking g-forces, and other real-time driving stats. It costs about $13, but it’s good fun if you’ve got a worthy performance-oriented car, like, say, I don’t know...a Lexus! (Just use it safely and legally, of course.)

3. Hello Vino: The digital wine world abounds with plenty of great wine-pairing apps, but Hello Vino—free—is just plain simple to use and helpful. Just select your meal from the menu cues, and bingo! It’s made me look like a wine-pairing star on more than one occasion, and it comes recommended by about a bazillion other wine lovers and their favorite bloggers.

4. Car Finder & Carrr Matey: Okay, we’re not, ahem, implying that you’ve ever forgotten where you parked your car. No way. But, just in case you ever come back from a long business trip and find yourself searching the airport parking lot, these two car-finding apps are, among the several out there, our personal favorites. Car Finder uses augmented reality to guide you to your car, and Carrr (for the Android) Matey comes with good user ratings, a sense of humor, and a pirate theme (it refers to your Lexus as a “vessel”).

5. Kayak: Cambodia. Guatemala. Vancouver Island. Malaysia. If you visit Lexus magazine regularly, then you know we like to take you places. And amidst the numerous travel-reservation apps out there, it’s Kayak that tops our list: its depth of tools—airfare, car, and hotel reservations are just the basics—is fronted by a simple, pleasingly designed interface.

6. Golfshot GPS: Golfers, if you don’t have this one, it’s a must. Among the golfing rangefinder apps, this is probably the most elegant. It of course allows you to find the distance to your hole to choose the right club, plus it plots touch points between you and the long-distance greens and shows layups "customized for your clubs". The app’s database contains no fewer than 22,000 courses, so chances are yours is there.

Got a favorite app you think your fellow Lexus drivers may appreciate? By all means, share your wisdom with Lexus magazine or post it on the Lexus Facebook page.


Legal Disclaimers

[1] Lexus Enform® is available. Contact with the Lexus Enform® response center is dependent upon the telematics device being in operative condition, cellular connection availability, navigation map data and GPS satellite signal reception, which can limit the ability to reach the response center or receive emergency support. Enrollment and Telematics Subscription Service Agreement required. A variety of subscription terms is available; charges vary by subscription term selected.

[2] Lexus Enform® premium services Destination Assist and eDestination will function in the contiguous United States. These services may also function in Hawaii and limited areas of Alaska for vehicles that contain map data for those states. They will not function in Canada or in other countries outside the United States.