11/03/2010—There’s one thing you should know about The Lexus Enthusiast besides the fact that the blog is a superb info resource for Lexus owners.

The site’s editor, Kevin R.E. Watts, is an excellent photographer. I mean, really good. Which is why we’re thrilled that he sent us these Lexus-booth photos from this week’s SEMA auto show in Las Vegas (and if you’re unfamiliar with what SEMA is all about, take a look at the DJ shot—that pretty much says it all). —BRIAN GILL, MANAGING EDITOR

The revamped Lexus LFA is unveiled.

The North American supercar prototype in all its new glory (you’ve seen this car before in this year’s Lexus commercials—it was white then). If you’re curious, here’s how Lexus transformed it for SEMA.

On hand is Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection for the Xbox, which just came out with the LFA included.

The DJ on hand at the Lexus booth. ’Nuff said.

One of the new wheels for the LFA prototype, custom made by CEC Wheels in Italy and flown over for the LFA’s SEMA unveil.

This year’s modified Lexus project cars, which focused on hybrid technology. Learn more about them at The Lexus Enthusiast and the Lexus YouTube page.