A Dark Conversation

10/28/2010—If you follow Lexus News often enough, you’ve no doubt realized that Lexus doesn’t just produce some seriously premium automobiles—Lexus also happens to be the world’s most entertaining automaker.

Not sure what we mean by “entertaining”? Then look no further than this year’s Lexus ads, which have so far ranged from a screeching Lexus IS literally playing the drums to a techno-wondrous driving simulator. Or watch the latest episodes of L Studio’s Web Therapy (yes, Lisa Kudrow is a comic genius). Or try out Dark Ride, the interactive test drive disguised as a mini-movie.

You get the picture.

So it’s with this particular talent in mind that we strongly recommend tuning into Lexus’ upcoming production, Darkcasting, a new talk show that’s filmed, well, after the sun goes down, and that will soon run on the Lexus Darker Side of Green site.

And here’s the really interesting part: The studio is none other than the intimate, blue- and red-lighted interior of a Lexus CT 200h prototype tricked out with a slew of mini cameras and audio equipment.

Lexus’ Darkcasting host, Whitney Cummings (yep, the same Whitney Cummings from MTV’s Punk’d), is basically scooting from city to city, literally hitting the streets, and interviewing guest drivers—intriguing local talents—from the seat of a Lexus CT 200h.

All in all, the Darkcasting crew plans to hit six cities, and the first episodes will run throughout November—should be fun stuff.