Bamboo Speakers

10/12/2010—When it comes to intriguing new automotive materials, Lexus never ceases to amaze, as this small Facebook post by Lexus Europe again demonstrates. As it turns out, the CT 200h will feature a new—superior—speaker design made from bamboo:


“A Lexus first, both CT 200h Premium Sound systems are equipped with unique, bamboo charcoal-based resin diaphragm speakers. Constructed using a complex compound combining bamboo charcoal, bamboo fibre and resin, the diaphragms are injection-moulded to a thickness of only 0.2–0.3mm. They are some 10–15% lighter than a conventional speaker diaphragm, yet 20% stiffer and with a 10% greater sonic speed. As a result, the sound is clearer and more natural than that of a conventional resin diaphragm.”

Talk about bringing things down to earth, literally. It’s a reminder that as fun as this car is to drive, as intriguing a new direction as it is, the CT 200h is still a Lexus in every way possible—in this case, a brilliant, understated intersection of premium quality with natural materials. Love it.