F Sport Price Breaks

06/01/2010—Hey speed freaks: June and July is get-yourself-a-new-Lexus time. The folks at Lexus are offering a few F Sport performance upgrades at lower prices from this week to the end of July, from lowering springs and sway bars to custom wheels and high-performance brakes.

F Sport Price Breaks

If you already know what the Lexus F Sport options are all about, then you’ll know that these aftermarket performance parts aren’t just for show: they actually add quantifiable handling and ride capabilities (read: oomph) to the IS, IS C, and GS.

The deals come in three packages. There’s a “Z3” suspension kit package, which includes lowering springs, performance shocks (made by Lexus and Bilstein®, the leading racing-parts supplier), and anti-sway bars that reduce body movement for flatter, more agile cornering. The package costs $1,450, which is almost 30 percent off the typical installation price.

A second package, the “Z4” kit, gets you the Z3 suspension upgrades plus larger, high-performance wheels and tires. The IS 250 AWD gets forged 18-inch wheels with Yokohama 225/40R18 Advan S.4. all-season performance tires, while the other models get forged 19-inch wheels on Michelin 225/35ZR19 tires up front and 19-inch forged wheels on 255/35R19 Pilot Sport PS2 tires in the rear. Package cost is $4,495—more than a full quarter off the normal price with installation.

The third package, the “Z5”—and our favorite—includes all of the above plus snazzy F Sport fender badges and the F Sport High Performance Brake Upgrade, which, among other improvements, delivers a firmer brake “feel” and increased durability after repeated use. This one goes for $8,995, which is also more than a quarter off the typical cost with installation.

So what’s up with these price breaks? Basically, it’s the F Sport line’s two-year anniversary. We’re fans of the F Sport line because, in a world of cheaply made aftermarket parts, these Lexus upgrade options hold their own as top-tier custom parts that actually make a real difference in performance. If you own, or are thinking about buying, an IS, IS C, or GS, make sure to take a look at the full line of F Sport accessories. —LUKE DRINGOLI