Lexus Debuts New Eco Materials
Lexus Eco Materials

10/07/2009—With the arrival of the HS 250h last month, Lexus debuted its first use of Ecological Plastics™, an innovative material that helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions during the vehicle’s lifecycle.[1]

Ecological Plastics are found primarily in the HS 250h interior and luggage area, including the luggage-trim upholstery, cowl-side trim, door scuff plate, tool box area, floor-finish plate, seat cushions, and the package tray behind the rear seats.

In addition to Ecological Plastics, the HS 250h includes sustainably produced materials that emit fewer harmful pollutants when their usefulness comes to an end, such as a castor seed-based material in the seat cushions and kenaf fibers behind the rear seats.

Legal Disclaimers

[1] Calculation based on vehicle life cycle, including CO2 emissions of vehicle and materials, production, maintenance, disposal, and driving over 150,000 miles compared to conventional non-hybrid gasoline vehicle of similar size-class.