Lexus Enform Destinations

Lexus Enform Destinations Overview

Lexus Enform[1][2][3] extends the capabilities of your vehicle's available Navigation System[4] through eDestination and Destination Assist. eDestination allows you to plan trips from home using an exclusive online search tool.Destination Assist provides live navigation assistance from the 24-hour Lexus Enform response center. Both features seamlessly transfer destinations to your vehicle's Navigation System. Planning trips has never been so fast, easy and convenient.

And, for owners of 2013 and newer Lexus models, Lexus Enform App Suite offers the ease and convenience of using popular mobile applications in your vehicle.[5]


eDestination is an exclusive online tool that allows you to enter destinations into your Lexus Navigation System[4] - without being anywhere near your vehicle. To use eDestination, though, you must have a account. Once you create your account, simply visit the eDestination page to search for locations you'd like to visit.

With eDestination, you can save up to 200 destinations and organize them in up to 20 folders. Once saved, you can add notes to each destination, name the folders and send them wirelessly to your vehicle's Navigation System. Then, in your vehicle, simply download the information to the car's navigation system.

Destination Assist

Destination Assist makes using your vehicle's Navigation System[4] more convenient with push-button access to a 24-hour response center. Response center agents use the most up-to-date information available to help you find a specific address or business. Agents can search by business name or type of business.